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Based in Barcelona, Spain London, UK.

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Early 2020


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Alien sushi? Yeah, there's life out there... and it's yummy! Follow a girl and her talking hamster in this hilarious side-scroller action game. Enjoy aerial combat, feed of aliens to get new powers and, eventually, (spoiler alert) save the Earth. Grab your soy sauce and get ready to taste Slice back!

The Game

Slice an alien invasion into sushi pieces and get the Earth back. Follow Groove and her talking hamster, Harold, in a hilarious adventure, satisfy their hunger and meet intriguing characters.

You will progress through several levels (each with its own surprises and secrets) fight powerful bosses (some of them with unexpected behaviours…) and defeat the aliens while gaining new superpowers or evolving your current ones. You will spend most of your time melee fighting in the air, beating your enemies away, catching them and jumping from one to the other while slicing them into small sushi pieces in this side scroller fast paced action combat game with a neo pixel art aesthetic.


“Slice Back” is not a typical side scroller action game. We started with the will of creating a unique and innovative experience within the general conventions of the genre. Our bet has been to put more emphasis on the verticality of the combat and add a big touch of humor to the storyline and the universe.

Great action games generally start with a deep focus on the gameplay so we started prototyping many different approaches taking inspiration from several well known licences such as Muramasa, Devil May Cry, Shank, Dust: An Elysian Tail or Guacamelee. After some months of joy and frustrations we found our perfect combination on a side scroller fast paced action combat game with a focus on aerial fight.

Our gameplay pillars were strong enough, we now needed to finish establishing the lore. Our main goal was to find something crazy and funny. During our gameplay iterations we discussed several different approaches and finally decided to twist the concept of alien invasion as a general set-up. We start taking inspiration in Tv-shows like Misfits and movies like Attack the Block or Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, merged it with some Japanese anime and manga touches and came up with our main idea: “a girl and her hamster trapped after an alien invasion acquire superpowers after eating a burned alien.” We knew that we had something but it didn’t sound crazier enough so we pushed it further and converted the aliens into extraterrestrial fishes coming from a water planet. We then decided that the hamster, Harold, loved the taste of the aliens, acquired the aptitude to talk and selfishly convinced her human, Groove, to go on a gourmet quest. Icing on the cake, we established that Groove artistically cut the aliens into small sushi pieces that they both enjoy with a tasteful soy sauce.

Key features

+ Accessible and responsive combat system:
The game is easy to play, the controls feel intuitive and you always have control over your character rather it be on the ground or on the air.

+ Deep focus on aerial fights:
You will spend most of your time melee fighting in the air, jumping from one enemy to the other, slicing them into small sushi pieces.

+ Fight powerful bosses...
… some of them with unexpected behaviours.

+ Unlock new powers:
Eat the alien sushis with a tasteful soy sauce to earn new powers.

+ Explore a post-apocalyptic Earth
Follow Groove through her accidental journey.

+ Hilarious story
A not so epic quest to satisfy Groove’s and Harold’s hunger while accidentally becoming heroes.

+ Neo pixel art style
A pixel art style adapted to new technologies and all tastes. So, even if you’re not fond on pixel art, you might like our approach!

+ A talking hamster:
Harold, the hamster, threatened us if we didn’t add him as a main feature...



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